Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bookcon Rant

     I can truly say that Bookcon was truly an amazing experience. It was not my first time there and hopefully it won't be my last. I met an enormous amount of amazing people there. We got to talk about our favorite books and our favorite authors. We were able to wait in lines together to get our most anticipated books. There were a lot of pros and cons about Bookcon, though I do believe it is an experience you should definitely go through as a book lover.

Pros of going to Bookcon
  1. Getting to meet some of your favorite authors.
  2. Meeting book lovers such as yourself.
  3. Getting amazing book merch.
  4. Meeting publishers 
  5. Meeting indie authors and authors you've never heard of.
  6. The experience of just being there.
  7. Most of all getting free books!!!!!!!!
Cons of going to Bookcon
  1. The really long lines.
  2. Getting pushed and shoved by people.
  3. Food is expensive. Paninis were 15$!!!!!!!
  4. There were people forming mobs for very popular authors such as Krysten Ritter and Leigh Bardugo. (will write in more detail)
  5. When they run out of arcs before your turn in line.
  6. People not following rules.
     This list can actually go on and on and on, but lets get into the detail of con #4. So lets just say it was a nightmare. People were getting in line 2 to 3 hours before the actual signing even after they were told by security to move on and come back half an hour before the signing. People who followed the rule and came back when they were told to were left without an arc and were not able to meet their favorite author. Lets just say that, that was not the main issue. The main issue which such makes me want to rage out is that these people who were forming mobs or waiting in line did not want to meet the author. They didn't even want the book to read. You can now find these books on Ebay selling for 50 to 200$ a piece. Click on Ebay and you'll see how disgusting these people are.

    Just to let you guys know this was never an issue 3 years ago. I remember 2014, it was my first Bookcon and it was never hard to get inline to meet my favorite authors. Even if I was a bit late, I still had a chance to actually get an arc. Hopefully Bookcon 2018 will be executed properly and people like that will be reported. 

Here are some pictures of my Bookhaul. I hope you guys let me know what your experience was like and if you enjoyed Bookcon 2017 as well.

last day at bookcon

bookcon haul day one
bookcon haul day two (sorry for the bad quality)
meeting leigh bardugo
meeting marie lu


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