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Weregirl and Chimera by C.D. Bell Review

Weregirl and Chimera by C.D. Bell

  I was provided with a copy of Weregirl and Chimera by the author and publisher for an honest opinion. Thank you Chooseco for the opportunity to read these books.

In Weregirl we follow a high school Junior named Nessa Kurland who's main goal is to get a scholarship in cross-country to escape her small town. She gets noticed by one of the best runners in her team and was invited to run in the woods at night for practice. To Nessa's luck she runs late and while trying to catch with her teammate she runs into a trapped wolf. While trying to help this wolf Nessa unfortunately get's bitten by a white wolf who happens to encounter her while helping the trapped wolf. She then starts noticing changes in her body, and that she in now running a lot faster than usual. 

Overall, I really loved this book and could not have expected any more from it. I really loved the pace it set for the reader. It wasn't a slow story and I never felt like it dragged on either. The writing was really good and easy to follow. I felt like it flowed really well with the book and didn't falter.

I really enjoyed reading in the perspective of the main character, Nessa. She has us going on adventures and also I saw myself relating to her in some parts of her real life. Except the part in which she becomes wolf, obviously not a spoiler. I really loved the way the first book wrapped up and left you wanting more from it.

      I quickly pick up the second book, Chimera which was just a little slower. I blame it on the fact that I might have been on a bit of a slump. In this book Nessa has to deal with a lot more problems. Which I don't want to spoil for you guys, but you will be on the edge of your seats. Trying to find out what's going to happen next. We're on a different adventure  with Nessa and this time it's a bit more serious. 

This book was also just amazing as the first one. If you love the show Teen Wolf and love werewolf book with teenage main characters than this book is for you. I promise you'll enjoy reading in. Especially because its set at a great pace.

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